| ABOUT Tommaso Gecchelin |

Get+ is an Innovation Design Studio, founded and lead by Tommaso Gecchelin, italian designer, physicist and artist.


Interdisciplinary and versatile background allowing to connect Science, Technology, Art and Design to create more than smart solutions.






- Graduated in Physics in University of Study of Padua, Italy. (Thesis topic: Quantum Mechanics)


– Graduated, with honors, in Industrial Design in IUAV, University of Venice, claDIS, Treviso, Italy.


– Paintings been featured in art exposition in Venice, near San Marco.


Worked for many international clients in around the world.


– Science leads from the deepest Research insight and Analysis of Problems to Smart Solutions.

(Science: from Physics to Technology, from Cognitive Sciences to Marketing)


- Design places the User in the Center of the whole Net.


- Art reaches the eyes and the Heart of the User.


- Always aware of cutting edge technologies, discoveries and innovations, to be in the most competitive position to foresee the Future, shaping it and Inventing it.


I love to design, not just products, but User Experience Networks, Innovations that change the World.


GETPLUS SRL | P.IVA (VAT): IT 0485 438 0260
REA: TV - 403842
PEC: getplus@pec.it