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| Infographics | Video Presentations | 

Tell a visual story to illustrate and promote your business,

in a powerful, clear and beautiful way.


Mix animated 3D objects and scenes, dynamic sketches and infographics.

Motion Graphic Reel


| Animated Drawings | 

Video Dynamic Infographics illustrating CV, Portfolio

DRIWE Presentation Video: Intregrated Sustainable Services Company

| 3D Modeling & Animation | 

Automotive Engineering 3D Animations of self-driving electric vehicle

Video Infographics, Product Modeling and Animation for reVote, democracy and digital vote app

| 3D Animated Infographics |

Video Infographics for AVEPA, an innvative and advanced public amministration agency for agricolture in Italy

Video Infographics to advertise IUAV Smart City

University Courses.

ENERGYWEB Presentation: City sensing and mapping of consumption and footprint of each building.

Innovative Smart City, Environment and Territorial Solutions Company promotion video

OMNITURIST Presentation: smart georeferenced turism services platform

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